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Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ/TMD)

Signs & Symptoms May Include:

  • Jaw and facial pain 

  • Clicking or grating sound of the joint proper

  • Pain radiating to ears, face and head

  • Neck Pain and limited movement.

  • Headaches and Ear symptoms are frequently associated with TMJD

  • Functional or movement limitations such as cramping or locking of the jaw

  • Pain associated with chewing, yawning or talking for extended periods

Potential Causes

  • Trauma (direct or indirect) direct injuries to the TMJ and Associated Structures 

  • Direct injuries my include blunt force trauma to the jaw structures 

  • Indirect injuries may include acceleration/ deceleration or more commonly referred to as whiplash

  • Severe imbalances of the dental bite or lack of support

  • Stress, fatigue and bruxism.

  • Post-Traumatic stress disorders 

  • Arthritis of the TMJ

  • Systemic conditions such as Rheumatic Diseases or conditions. 

  • Sleep disorders

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