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Dental Sleep Medicine

The Importance Of Proper Sleep

Some Dental Sleep Medicine Facts

  • The importance of adequate restorable sleep cannot be underestimated.

  • Proper sleep is essential to good physical and mental health.

  • Snoring may be a sign of a sleep-disordered breathing condition, which can have serious health consequences if not addressed.

  • Depending on the severity of the sleep disorder, Oral appliances can be an effective method.

About Sleep Medicine

Sleep deprivation may not be obvious to the sufferer or the bed companion but over time can lead to potentially serious metabolic and physiological disorders. Often the first signs are that of snoring or what is referred to as “non-restorative sleep “. Patient very often complain that despite having slept they awake feeling tired and unrested. 


Society has previously regarded sleep as a passive activity but in fact, Sleeping is a very active and important process. Patient with sleep deprivation of disrupted sleep pattern should consult Medical Specialist to the sleep disruption comprehensively assessed. In some cases, the Physician may recommend intra-oral sleep appliances also known as Mandibular Advancement appliances (MAD). However not everyone is a suitable candidate for intra-oral Sleep devices, many factors are to be considered and evaluated such as: dental status, nasal patency (Ability to Breathe through your nose) and TMJ status. 

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